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        Hello! And thank you for viewing my web-page (which is still under construction!).       I am an internist and a geriatrician in Boston currently practicing Occupational Medicine and board-certified in four medical specialties. For the past sixteen years I have been developing my expertise in detecting forgery and also performing questioned document examination,  initially training under Mr. Ron Rice, a practicing forensic handwriting examiner in Plymouth, MA with some 35 years of experience.

      Being currently court-qualified at the state and federal levels, I have been involved in cases concerning the questioned handwriting of celebrities including the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Tom Jones, Harry Belafonte, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Marilyn Monroe, Presidents John F. Kennedy and George Bush Jr., documents allegedly signed by the world-famous musician Billy Preston (keyboardist for the Beatles, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones), Dr. Joseph Warren a Revolutionary war conspirator and founder of the Massachusetts Medical Society and more recently, handwriting of the Yorkshire Ripper.

      I have lectured nationally and internationally, and have appeared on local, regional and national television discussing forged documents and document examination. Additionally I have worked with law enforcement agencies on multiple occasions to identify handwriting of missing persons. 

      In 2003 I was asked by the FOX Network to review and discuss several questioned documents, now called the TANG memorandae, from the 1970's regarding George W. Bush's military service as there were concerns of forgery. A detailed report was forwarded to Richard Markey, the senior campaign strategist for the presidential campaign of George W. Bush.


      In 2005 Tim Fields and Megan Poinski, reporters for the Virgin Island Daily News published a 20-page special report disclosing contract fraud within the Virgin Island government, leading to criminal charges against over a dozen officials in the V.I. Land Commission. The special report won two prestigious awards for investigative reporting. I was retained to perform the handwriting analysis of multiple government officials for the report (Contracts & Cronies, Friday, January 14, 2005).


       In 2007 I was retained by an associate of Ollie Gray, a private investigator working for John Ramsey, to review the ransom note of Jon Benet Ramsey and handwriting samples of her self-confessed killer John Mark Karr, as new evidence had surfaced raising questions about the note's authorship. Along with being indirectly in contact with John Mark Karr through a third party to discuss his medical history, I reviewed multiple exemplars from Mr. Karr. I produced a 36-page report detailing differences between the ransom note and Mr. Karr's printing, and vehemently disputing the opinions of two other reknown document examiners. My report was also submitted to the Boulder County Districts Attorney’s office. Below is a copy of the infamous ransom note as well as first-generation scans of Mr. Karr's printing forwarded to me for review and comparison:

        In February of 2010 I was the keynote speaker at an international conference for trial attorneys, judges and barristers from around the globe at the Trust and Estate Litigation Forum in Nice, France.(


        More recently I testified in Federal Court in a complicated case of international intrigue involving dignitaries of the former Soviet Union, the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, an executive of a large Russian corporation, a Boston law firm, international diplomacy and allegations of forgery in agreements regarding payment of a half-BILLION dollars.


       Many cases of forgery are medically related (questioned signatures on wills, erasures or errors on prescriptions/medical records) and frequently involve elderly individuals. I specialize in the evaluation of questioned/forged signatures of elderly individuals (wills, deeds and forged checks) and medical malpractice (including erasures, overwriting, tracings and sequential entries).In addition to an analysis of the writing/printing a medical opinion as to the condition of the person at the time of authorship is often necessary to prove forgery.


        As a geriatrician I can give an expert opinion and testify on someone's physical status at any point during a hospitalization and the medical condition of the person during the alleged signing, which contributes significantly to an opinion of authenticity or forgery.

        With almost 25 years of practice, I support my opinion through experience, by analysis of nurses and doctors' notes, consultant notes, laboratory and X-ray data, notes from therapists (respiratory, physical or occupational therapists) and interviewing the family members or visitors.


Richard Fraser M.D.

Certified & Court Qualified Forensic Handwriting Examiner
Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomat American Board of Geriatric Medicine
Diplomat American Board of Occupational Medicine Diplomat American Board of Preventive Medicine

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FYI: Handwriting analysis and the art of forgery detection have many names, including document examination, questioned document examination, questioned writing analysis, handwriting evaluation, questioned handwriting examination, questioned signature verification, forgery evaluation, forgery analysis. A handwriting examiner is also referred to as a document examiner, handwriting expert, handwriting specialist, handprinting examiner, handprinting expert or a specialist in forgery detection. Questioned document examination and forgery detection differ from graphology also called behavior profiling in that a questioned document examiner is concerned about authenticating the writing through comparison with know samples, as compared to evaluating the psychological and personality traits of the author.